Friday, December 27, 2013

30th Birthday Brewery Stroll

This post is about 2 months overdue now, but I wanted to just post a few photos from my 30th birthday party. A group of my good friends and I set out to make it to six breweries in the Fremont/Ballard area and we made good on that promise. Here's the proof and some thoughts to go along with it.

We started off on a high note at Fremont Brewing, which never disappoints. Had the new Bonfire session winter ale and the Sister imperial IPA, both are fantastic.

Molly and Bobby with the birthday boy, gettin' pumped

More of the crew

Then we strolled over to the Asgard Tasting Room by Odin Brewing. Not the most mind blowing beers in Seattle and the place doesn't have much character yet as it's still fairly new. But, Thor's Equinox is a great brew.

Cassie and Molly tryin' to get service from the lady bartender who did not care for other ladies it seemed

Next up was the funky ol' Outlander. Hands down one of the oddest brewpubs in Seattle, both in terms of the place itself and the wacky small batch beers they make. For some reason, I really like the place. Only the 2nd time I'd been there since their opening. Had some low ABV ESBs and other English style ales that were awesome.

Us chillin' in the weird upstairs of the Outlander, which is basically some dude's rec room. Note devoted Miami Hurricanes fans Matt and Jess watching the game on their phone

After that, we took a long stroll to Ballard and stopped first right by the Ballard Bridge at the fairly new Peddler Brewing. Guess what, they like bicycles. Details get a bit fuzzy past this point. Beer here is good, though. I like that they try some more diverse styles than a lot of newer breweries.

Joe Shoop bein' all Joe-ic (TM)

While Jim, Justin, and Cassie (Bless their lil' hearts!) made a side trip to pick up some pizza from Zayda Buddy's for us, the rest of us stroll on to the very new Stoup Brewing. The tap room has a very cool vibe. Feels very Ballard, whatever that may mean. Beers are uncomplicated and very solid. I recall the porter being very good. Keepin' my eye on these guys to see what they put out next.

Just a lil' cool bathroom light fixture selfie at Stoup, don't worry bout it
Then we made it to the final stop, conveniently 2 blocks away. Reuben's Brews! Next to Fremont, they might make my favorite beers in Seattle. We got there just before last call and this is the only photo I snapped. Cannot remember the dog's name but he was adorable and shook my hand.

Dirty Thirty Brewery Stroll accomplished. Thank you to Cassie and all my friends for making it a great birthday.

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